Privacy Policy

DnD Music appreciates your business, and respects the privacy of our customers.  Here are some of the ways in which we strive to protect your privacy and security:

  • DnD Music protects the transfer of your information over the Internet by employing 256 Bit SSL Encryption, ensuring that sensitive data is hidden from the prying eyes of any would-be hacker.

  • Your information is stored in an encrypted format on a secure server, locked away within a state-of-the-art peering facility.  Rest assured that the utmost care has been taken to prevent the possibilty of physical access to your information.

  • DnD Music will never sell your information to thrid parties, no matter how much money they throw at us.  It's just not right... we wouldn't appreciate that sort of thing if it were our  personal information, and we think you probably feel the same way.

  • DnD Music will never divulge your user name and password if asked, either via the phone, or via email or other communications.  In fact, the password information is encrypted in a one-way fashion, meaning that even we don't know what your password is.  Should you forget your login information, you can use the built in password reset function to re-access your account.

  • DnD Music will never contact you to ask for username and/or password.  Should someone claiming to be from DnD ask you for this information, BE WARY.  Contact us immediately via our toll-free number and let us know.

  • DnD Music Will do everything possible to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and convenient.  Please email or call us if you have any questions or concerns.
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